Turino Group

Project/Program Management

We know that not all projects are the same. Whether it’s a building, bridge, or highway project, we’ll pull insight from our diverse background with projects of all sizes and complexities.

CPM Scheduling

Disputes over time and money can translate into higher costs and longer timelines. Having the right team throughout the process is everything. We’ll use the latest Primavera software to help you develop, manage and communicate a schedule to navigate through the life-cycle of your project.

Project Assessment & Pre-Project Planning

We’ll work with your team through planning sessions to review construction documents to ensure an efficient roadmap is developed for the project. This will assist in determining optimum completion dates, schedules and in the end - minimize claims.  Prior to and during construction, we quickly recognize potential issues and identify remedies.

Project & Cost Controls

We know your goal is to achieve the fastest completion date possible while monitoring your costs along the way. Our team will assist in budgeting, controlling costs, schedules and scope of work to ensure a timely completion within budget.

Information Management/Analysis and Reporting

We believe that all projects create data and information. It’s our job to take this information and develop reliable reports for our clients that track the project over time and ensure success measures are in place from day one.