Turino Group

4D Scheduling

Our 4D schedules show every member of the project team exactly how the schedule represents the sequence of construction events. A visual of the entire project sequence allows us to optimally manage projects — no matter the complexity— as well as provide an easy-to-understand graphical representation for a not-so-schedule-savvy audience. We start by linking every object in the 3D model with its corresponding schedule activity to create an accurate simulation of the construction process. With 4D scheduling, a project manager, owner and contractor are able to see side-by-side comparisons between the planned work versus the actual work that has been completed on the project. This provides a graphical representation between the baseline and the actual work, helping to quickly identify any issues that may hinder the completion of the project.

We can effectively apply 4D to projects of all sizes - not just mega-projects - and the impact to your ROI can be tremendous. Our services include: 

  • 4D Simulations
  • 3D Models
  • Baseline Schedules
  • Schedule Updates
  • Logistics Planning
  • What-If Scenarios
  • Collaborative Stakeholder Meetings
  • Planned vs. Actual
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Visuals for Claims & Arbitration