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Business eValuation

Turino developed Business eValuation to better assist government agencies in measuring the success of their Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program. We developed a customized assessment tool to collect and analyze data relevant to DBE development, a critical component to a DBE program. The tool streamlines the evaluation process and allows clients to better implement proven business practices to grow DBE businesses. Business eVal has assisted in analyzing DBE capacity, correlating needs to training curriculum, providing individual DBE Score Cards, and reporting on their overall program success.

Business eValuation allows individuals to measure their BDP growth confidently by streamlining and identifying a DBE’s road to success. Through identifying a DBEs strengths, weaknesses, and areas of desired growth, along with any major challenges that need to be addressed, our customizable tool provides a system to accurately measure performance. The Admin Dashboard provides features that enhance the big picture view of DBEs in your program promoting transparency for everyone involved. Business eValuation provides valuable solutions and will help you understand the impact and effectiveness of your program, ultimately guiding it to success. 

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