Turino Group

Arena for RIDOT

Due to the high volume of data collected throughout the life of all transportation projects, RIDOTs challenge was to distribute information and reporting in a timely manner. In order to capitalize on the value of timely project data, Turino utilzed Arena, a custom-developed suite of online project management tools used to streamline project oversight and provide comprehensive reporting of transportation projects. Arena provides quick, easy access to project and programmatic information. The system is highly customized, serves as a central location for project data and increases team efficiency by using project management tools to organize workflow including:

  • Centralized Project Information (Costs and Schedule)
  • Timely Schedule Update Reports
  • Instant documentation of meeting minutes
  • Performance management measures
  • Ongoing Contemporaneous Delay Logs
  • Timely Programmatic Reporting
  • Mapping of existing and future construction projects 
  • Limits of Disturbance and Zones of Influence (Detours, etc.)

Arena promotes standardization, which in turn streamlines processes and creates a more efficient workflow. It improved workflow at RIDOT through these efficiencies by producing deliverables such as reports, which allowed Turino and RIDOT Project Managers to make more informed and timely decisions. Turino, RIDOT and area contractors receive useful information much sooner, most notably with the ability to view construction projects using global positioning to identify spatial impacts and make knowledgeable conclusions. Arena also delivers significant value in the form of standardization, reporting and mapping tools.