Turino Group

Sakonnet River Bridge

Turino has been involved from day one in the replacement of the Sakonnet River Bridge. This bridge, located over the Sakonnet River between Tiverton and Aquidneck Island carries nearly 40,000 cars per day. Turino's involvement began with assisting RIDOT in obtaining special Garvee Funding, an instrumental part in allowing this project to proceed. Turino's continued involvement has been utilized in all phases of this project ranging from creating the contract time determination schedules to the monitoring of the current ongoing schedule progress.

During the course of the project’s design, Turino performed multiple construction scheduling scenarios including two different design scenarios. The project's construction phasing was ultimately based upon this information and allowed RIDOT to establish realistic and achievable milestones for the project.

In April 2009, RIDOT broke ground on this $163.7 million project. Turino maintained a full-time presence on the project throughout its construction, and worked hand in hand with RIDOT and the Contractor until the bridge’s completion in September, 2012. Turino was also involved in the mitigation of delays caused by the Prime's subcontractor.

The demolition of the old Sakonnet River Bridge is currently in the development and design phase. Turino is working with RIDOT to monitor the progress of the project’s design and is reviewing the plans and specifications to generate the Contract Time Determination Schedule. This phase is estimated to last another year, and the project’s bid and demolition work is anticipated to start after 2015.