Turino Group

Paul Bailey Pizzitola Memorial Sports Center

Turino was proud to assist in the $3 million renovation of Brown’s Paul Bailey Pizzitola Memorial Sports Center, which holds a long history of intercollegiate competition for numerous sports teams. The newly renovated space was completed on a strict, four-month schedule with the use of Turino’s Baseline Schedule review, monthly construction schedule progress and performance reviews, analysis, and evaluation reports. Turino monitored upgrades to life and safety systems, abided by and planned for handicap accessible spaces, and managed the schedule for completing the 5,583 sf strength and conditioning renovation, while mapping and preventing future safety issues. 

The space was primarily renovated for the men and women’s lacrosse teams, and includes new locker rooms for players, coaches, and officials. Turino also monitored and coordinated with the Owner and Contractor to expand and upgrade the existing training room.