Turino Group

Pembroke Quad Renovations

Brown University’s $20 million Housing Renewal Plan called for extensive renovations to Pembroke Quad’s Miller, Metcalf, and Andrews Halls. Turino was proactive in scheduling this aggressive interior and exterior renovation and provided a summary of potential concerns and recommendations, participated in Owner/Contractor monthly requisition reviews and progress status/issues meetings, and used technical assessments in monthly schedule reviews to monitor the Contractor’s progress. Due to the large nature of this project, our team identified challenges in the schedule before construction, and followed the project through its eight month lifespan. 

Due to our preconstruction Baseline Schedule review, and monthly construction schedule progress and performance reviews, analysis, and evaluation reports including earned value analysis (EVA), the completed buildings now stand renovated and independent of each other, enabling smaller living communities. Renovations to the Halls included: site improvements, an upgrade to all life and safety systems, and a restoration of building exteriors spanning multiple levels and buildings.