Turino Group

Pawtucket 550 Bridge

The $80 million Pawtucket Bridge 550 project, located on Interstate 95 over the Seekonk River in Pawtucket, RI, became a high priority in the fall of 2007. Deficiencies in the existing I-95 bridge forced RIDOT to lower the load rating on the existing structure and implement a major truck detour. The original project under design at that time was for a rehabilitation of the existing bridge. Due to the critical importance of this structure, RIDOT implemented a fast track design process.

Turino Group was fully involved from the start, per RIDOT’s request.  Turino worked hand in hand with the Design Group on the project performing constructability reviews and risk assessments to determine a realistic, accelerated approach to the project. Based upon Turino's recommendations, RIDOT was able to utilize A+B Bidding for the first time employing time and money as the basis for the award of the project. A large Incentive/Disincentive was also utilized for this project, which has been praised multiple times by the FHWA representative on the project.

The contract was awarded on October 6, 2010, and Turino continued to monitor the schedule of the project until its completion in September, 2013.  The project was completed $46 million under budget, has been selected as one of the top ten projects in the 2014 America’s Transportation Awards, and is in the running for Best Transportation Project.