Turino Group

I-195 Contract 15

This $8 million project consists of the reconstruction and reconnection of South Water, South Main, and Wickenden Street on the east side of the Point Street Bridge. The former I-195 alignment separated South Main and South Water Street and this project re-tied the street and replaced/upgraded utilities and improved storm water drainage on Wickenden Street. In addition, a park is being constructed on the waterfront and is the first phase of a multi-project parks and waterfront development project which will later include the construction of a pedestrian bridge over the Providence River. Turino has been involved with this project from inception through construction. We have developed the schedule and coordinated the integration of this project along with other active projects in the city of Providence, including both RIDOT and other agency projects. In addition, the progress of this project is also being coordinated with future projects currently in the design phase. D’Ambra Construction was awarded the project and work began in June 2013. It is anticipated that the project will be completed by August 2015.