Turino Group

East Main Road Claim

This $10 M project consisted of roadway reconstruction including water, sewer, drainage, electrical, traffic systems, curbing sidewalks and pavement. As can frequently happen in transportation projects, the project completed nearly a year later than expected and as a result, the Contractor submitted a claim for additional compensation due to the delays, which was rejected by RIDOT. Turino was called upon to work with the Rhode Island Department of Transportation and the State's Attorney Office to review, analyze and recommend solutions to the claim.

Turino first performed forensic scheduling to analyze the delays and the impacts on the project. Immediately, we found that the schedules that were submitted by the Contractor were incomplete and did not provide all the required information. As a result, the daily activity sheets, discussions with the Resident Engineer, and project correspondence were reviewed to help collect further information. Turino then generated a Comprehensive Delay Analysis for RIDOT, which was used to dispute the Contractor's claim.

Subsequent to the Contractor's claim against RIDOT, the Contractor submitted a claim to the State Attorney General's Office. Turino generated a Report of Findings to assist the Attorney's office with preparation for litigation. The State's Attorney filed a Summary Judgment which had the case dismissed prior to proceeding to litigation. This saved RIDOT nearly $1M.