Turino Group

Delaware Department of Transportation

The Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) selected Turino Group as their Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) Supportive Services Consultant. Turino developed the Supportive Services program to meet the goals of the program in accordance with all federal and state laws, rules and guidelines. Turino also assisted DBEs in maximizing and harnessing their trade and entrepreneurial skills, to ultimately compete on DelDOT contracts and in the transportation/highway construction industry.

 Turino provides Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) Supportive Services across the country and assists in increasing the participation and performance of underutilized DBEs, and emerging, marginalized and start-up businesses that are currently performing or have the potential to perform DOT work. Many DBEs are skilled in their area of expertise, but need assistance managing and growing a business in the areas of: bidding, managing finances, building relationships with Primes, developing a business plan, marketing and so forth.

 To initially determine and document a DBE’s strengths and weaknesses, Turino developed an electronic Business Development Assessment Program (BDAP), and monitored DBE progress by providing hands-on training and technical assistance. The team administered DBE Capacity Assessments, analyzed the overall program capacity, correlated needs to the training curriculum, and provided individual DBE Score Cards and on-line learning resources by utilizing a secure, web-based, data management portal. The team also was able to track and manage our level of tasks and efforts in relationship to individual DBEs through this data management and reporting system.