Turino Group

Providence Viaduct Bridge

This three-year, $80 million Highway/Bridge Reconstruction on Interstate I-95 was a traditional Design Bid Build Project. The Rhode Island Department of Transportation’s (RIDOT) team utilized a 4D schedule developed by Turino to assess an optimum completion date, phasing, and constructability. The 4D schedule was updated on a monthly basis and was a useful tool to communicate, facilitate project decisions, and plan and resolve issues. Turino oversaw the project until its completion and continued to use the 4D schedule to monitor potential issues and their impacts on the project. 

The videos of the 4D Schedule were distributed to the contractors as part of the bid documents to help aid in the understanding of the project. It is estimated that the use of the 4D Schedule has already saved RIDOT over 10x the cost of services in design enhancements and additional savings in resolving potential design/constructability issues.