Turino Group

Magnolia St. Bridge Demo & Highway Relocation

This traditional Design Bid Build Project consisted of multiple phases and traffic shifts. As part of the 90% design submission, RIDOT asked Turino to develop a 4D schedule that was used to identify potential issues with overlaps in the phasing. As a result, they realized project modifications with estimated savings of 15 times the cost of services due to shortening the construction duration, using fewer construction phases, enhancing design, and resolving constructability issues.

The project consisted of the demolition of Magnolia Bridge, the installation of high-density geofoam blocks (only the 2nd time used in R.I.), and shifted the public on Route 6 through 5 construction phases at the Route 6 & Route 10 interchange. Turino assisted RIDOT in facilitating the schedule development process with the contractor, the monitoring of the project schedule during construction, and provided insight to RIDOT on potential issues to reduce overall impacts.