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Turino Scheduler Featured in ENR Article

April 29, 2015

Hasso Earns Region’s First ENR Legacy Award - Wentworth Institute of Technology professor uses real-world training to prepare generations of construction leaders for industry success BY JIM PARSONS

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Turino Scheduler, Jim Potter, was recently feaured in ENR's (Engineering News Record) article, "Hasso Earns Region’s First ENR Legacy Award." Potter recalls his time as a student of Dr. Mark Hasso, discusses where he is now, and how he applies the lessons he was taught to visualize the "bigger picture of a project." 

If the construction industry is looking for its next generation of leaders, one of Dr. Mark Hasso’s classes would be a good place to begin the search. Hasso, a 30-year industry professional who joined Wentworth’s Building Construction Management (BCM) program as a professor in 1989, has helped develop one of the most hands-on academic programs in the country, making the classroom a virtual jobsite for students...

...“Many schools are adding entrepreneurship classes to their program because those skills are very important today and more students are focused on it, but it’s something we’ve always done,” Hasso says.

Hasso’s team-based approach also reflects his long-standing interest in eliminating the fragmentation that he says hamstrings the efficiency of real-world engineering and construction...And because Hasso rotates the leadership of student teams among all members, everyone has the opportunity—and responsibility—to manage the group’s performance.

“The group’s grade was never about what the group did or what individual members did,” recalls 2005 graduate Jim Potter, now a senior project scheduler for Turino Group, Providence. “It was based on how successful the project was. Concentrating on the bigger picture of a project, not just a particular area, is something I appreciate now more than ever.”

...With commercial construction brought to a virtual standstill during the recent recession, Hasso drew on his extensive network of professional and project contacts to shift the program’s focus from buildings to the then-more-active heavy infrastructure markets. “Dr. Hasso knew how to adapt the program to what the industry’s needs are at a particular time,” Potter recalls. “Compare that with a program that only does the same thing year after year with only minor changes.”