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Turino Leads the Way in RI by Utilizing 4D & BIM in Transportation Industry

July 14, 2014

Turino Group, Inc. is utilizing innovation to transform the approach to transportation projects in Rhode Island. By offering 3D modeling and 4D Scheduling as a cost effective service, their clients are reaping the benefits. On all projects, costs saved have been substantially more than the cost of the service.

David Giardino, President of Turino says “Our unique combination of Building Information Modeling (BIM), 3D Modeling, and CPM Scheduling expertise allows us to offer true 4D simulations (3D models linked to actual construction schedules) to show every member of the project team exactly how the schedule represents the sequence of construction on projects.”

Turino links objects in the model with its corresponding schedule activities to create an accurate simulation of the project. Due to the length and extensive nature of transportation projects this vastly enhances the planning and scheduling process – validating and illustrating the many associated design intricacies, phases, traffic shifts, detours, and road closures. In addition, during the construction phase, 4D Scheduling allows a project manager, owner and contractor to see side-by-side comparisons between the planned versus the work progress, helping to quickly identify any issues that may hinder the completion of the project.

Rhode Island’s Department of Transportation has been utilizing Turino’s 4D Schedules to enhance projects by simulating them virtually before executing them in reality – reducing risk, errors, and inefficiencies that are common to more traditional forms of Project Management.  These projects have included:

  • Providence Viaduct, $69M, multiple bridge construction requiring complex phasing and traffic coordination.
  • Central Bridge, $15.5M, single bridge replacement while maintaining existing traffic flow over the Barrington River.
  • Apponaug Circulator, $30M, coordinating the construction of five roundabouts while maintaining complex traffic patterns.
  • Atwells Ave Bridge, $2.5M, replacement of a historical bridge with the challenge of maintaining pedestrian traffic.
  • Great Island Bridge, $8.5M, replacement of a weight restricted wooden bridge to Great Island while maintaining vehicle, pedestrian and boat traffic.

“It has always been our approach to lead and innovate,” said Giardino. “As one of the first in Rhode Island to truly tap into this technology, we’re seeing a faster, more accurate and more efficient construction planning and management process.”

 A visual of the entire project sequence allows Turino Group and their clients to optimally manage projects — no matter the complexity — as well as provide an easy-to-understand graphical representation for not-so-schedule-savvy audiences.

With 4D Scheduling software, design and construction teams can connect virtually to develop, test and alter project designs throughout the design and construction phases. Intricate design features can be viewed geospatially, from multiple perspectives, and simulations can be run to detect design conflicts before construction begins.


About the Turino Group

Turino Group has been providing professional project management services to government agencies and private corporations across New England since 1996. Our strong reputation in the industry, combined with the experience and reputation of all our staff members, has allowed us to provide program management, construction and engineering management as well as state-of-the-art software systems for projects ranging from $1,000 to $300 million for the past 18 years.  Turino Group has been named one of the Best Places to Work in Rhode Island by the Providence Business News for the past three years.