Turino Group

DelDOT Selects Turino as DBE Supportive Services Consultant

October 23, 2014

The Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) has selected Turino Group as their Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) Supportive Services Consultant. Turino will be tasked with developing and implementing the Supportive Services program to meet the goals of the program in accordance with all federal and state laws, rules and guidelines.  Turino will assist DBEs in maximizing and harnessing their trade and entrepreneurial skills, to ultimately compete on DelDOT contracts and in the transportation/highway construction industry.

Since 2007, Turino has provided DOT DBE Supportive Services across the country and continues to assist and increase the participation and performance of underutilized DBEs, and emerging, marginalized and start-up businesses that are currently performing or have the potential to perform DOT work. “We are very excited that we were selected by DelDOT to oversee their DBE Supportive Services. Our long history of work in the construction and transportation industry will greatly benefit and assist DBEs as they compete for DelDOT contracts and assist them in managing and growing their business,” said David Giardino, Owner and President of Turino Group.

Turino’s all-encompassing experience will provide DelDOT with a unique insight into the challenges facing DBE clients. Giardino stated, “It’s important to understand that many DBEs have a wide-range of skillsets and expertise, but often struggle managing business growth.” DBEs often need assistance with bidding, managing finances, building relationships with Primes, developing a business plan, marketing and so forth.

To further assist the progress and development of DBE’s Turino will develop, establish, maintain and oversee an electronic Business Development Assessment Program (BDAP), and will monitor DBE progress by providing hands-on training and technical assistance. Turino’s similar work with the Rhode Island Department of Transpiration (RIDOT), which enhanced DBEs ability to compete within the transportation/highway construction industry, was notably recognized by the FHWA as one of the most innovative and successful minority business programs in the United States.

For over 18 years, Turino has provided hands-on engineering, construction and systems experience, and their use of proven technologies make them an invaluable asset to DelDOT and will enhance Delaware's DBE Supportive Services Program.